Welcome to the SUNY Fredonia Graduate Studies Research Toolkit!

SUNY Fredonia Campus in the Fall
Copyright: Lori Deemer/State University of New York at Fredonia

While originally intended for those in the Independent Studies Master’s program, much of the toolkit can be of use to the entire graduate student population. This toolkit is organized into three main sections:

  1. Library Research & Documenting Sources
  2. The Literature Review
  3. Scholarly Impact & Identity

How to navigate through the toolkit

The left and right arrows at the very bottom of each page will allow you to move between chapters. You can also use the “Contents” drop-down located in the top left-hand corner to navigate to any of the chapters within the three sections. Finally, you can “search” for a keyword in the top right-hand corner.


For any questions, please contact Christina Hilburger at christina.hilburger@fredonia.edu


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